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Overview of horse betting tips

A dozen tips and racing tricks from seasoned betting enthusiasts. Know unknown facts as, why you should not bet on horses which are heavily glorified; or what type of horses to bet on a muddy track.


Here are some horse betting tips and tricks, and racing picks from seasoned betting enthusiasts.

  • Avoid betting on horses that have never won a race before
  • Avoid betting on a horse that has just moved up in class
  • Avoid betting on horses which are too heavy. Go for the ones that have a decent chance of winning
  • Avoid betting on horses which are too glorified. They have a good chance of winning, but since most people will bet on that horse, you will not win much money, if the horse wins
  • Prefer quick starters on a slow, muddy track. Quick starters generally get advantage on muddy, slow tracks
  • Do not bet on each and every race - be selective about betting
  • Bet on a horse, which is heavily backed just a few minutes before the race. It is an indication, that the horse has a decent chance of winning, but very few are aware of that.
  • Bet on horses that have run recently. Horses that have not run in a few weeks, indicate they have some injuries or illness.
  • Prefer a horse with an experienced jockey
  • Set aside some money from your main finances for betting, if you want to continue in the long run
  • To win long term at racing you need good selections and you need to have good odds
  • Set a certain limit each day, if you loose that amount then stop betting
  • Take a close look at former statistics, taking in account the weather, the former results
  • Don’t forget to check if there are similar circumstances for the horses like length of the race compared to previous races
  • Have a strategy and stick to your plans, for example not betting on outsiders or only placing win bets etc.
  • Always look at the odds, if your favorite horse only pays €11 for a €10 bet, think again if it is worth the risk - so don’t forget the risk / reward ratio
  • Do not lose enthusiasm if you lose. Remember, 90% regular betting fans are long term losers.
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